Repair Shop Software: Deactivating Parts with No Open Transactions

Posted by BrightOrder at 31 Aug 2010

It is common, from time to time to deactivate unused parts from the Item Master. To ensure accurate reporting, it is important to avoid deactivating parts that are contained in open transactions. Before deactivating a part, make sure that the part is not included in any open work orders, purchase orders or physical inventory counts.

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Fleet Maintenance Software: How to Supersede Parts

Posted by BrightOrder at 27 Aug 2010

Here is a very useful tip for our fleet maintenance customers that want to supersede older parts with new ones.  By using the Item Master screen, and specifically the Supplier Catalogue section, the old part number can be placed there, while the main Item Code gets renamed to the new part number. This small but

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Repair Shop Software: Updating Username links to Employees

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Aug 2010

A common mistake made when de-activating a former employee is checking to see if that employee was linked to a username. Usernames used to issue parts from inventory are linked to a specific employee record with authority to issue parts. If that employee is no longer employed, do not forget to link the username to

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