Truck Maintenance Software: Labor Rate Options

Posted by BrightOrder at 29 Sep 2010

For our repair shop customers, we have options on pricing labor based on a variety of options.  Labor can be determined by a combination of type of customer, facility location, equipment type, and labor shifts (ie. Day, Weekend, etc). These options can help default pricing for the user without the user having to decide on

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Truck Maintenance Software: Accessing Linked Records

Posted by BrightOrder at 27 Sep 2010

When viewing a record that is linked to another record, such as a purchase order and a work order, you can view the linked document simply by double-clicking. If a part being ordered is linked to a WO that requires the part, double-click on the link to the work order in order to view the

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Truck Repair Shop Software: Hide Shop Charge Label from Work Order Invoice

Posted by BrightOrder at 21 Sep 2010

For our repair shop customers, if you do not charge shop supplies, you can have this line item hidden from your invoice. There are two ways to consider this option: First is that you may want to show the shop charge label to make it clear that you don’t charge shop supplies, which helps differentiate

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