Truck Repair Shop Software: Generating Invoices

Posted by BrightOrder at 28 Oct 2010

For those who have the invoice module and need a way to invoice many work orders quickly, our Generate Work Order Invoice screen will allow you to invoice all work orders that are ready to be invoiced.  You can select all the invoices on this screen or simply check only the ones that need to

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Truck Fleet Maintenance Software: Overtime on Time Sheet Option

Posted by BrightOrder at 21 Oct 2010

Here is a good tip for our fleet and repair shop customers that would like to capture overtime costs on certain time sheet labour lines. Overtime codes that multiply the hourly cost can be setup and applied to each time sheet labour line as needed.  The system would then automatically take into consideration the increased

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Truck Fleet Maintenance Software: Customize Your Toolbar

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 Oct 2010

Save time and use the shortcut buttons on your toolbar. There are 8 blank buttons to the right of your EMDECS toolbar that you can customize to access screens that you use on a regular basis. Use the Configure Toolbar button (picture of a yellow wrench) to designate a use for your shortcut buttons. For

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