Truck Fleet Maintenance Software: Locating A Work Order Invoice

Posted by BrightOrder at 27 Apr 2011

If you ever needed to find a particular work order invoice, you have several methods that you could use. The first method involves you using the Work Order History screen. Here you can view all the work orders you have done for a specific customer and pick the work order that corresponds with the invoice

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Truck Fleet Maintenance Software: How to easily zero out non-counted parts

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Apr 2011

Here is a easy 2-step process for those users who would like to zero out the non-counted parts. 1. Create a physical count with all parts from the Item Master and zeroing them out prior to posting. 2. Create another physical count with the actual onhand counts and ensure the End Date is 1 hour later

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Truck Repair Shop Software: Parts Contract

Posted by BrightOrder at 18 Apr 2011

The Customer Parts Contract screen offers our customers flexibility when it comes to what part prices they want to charge on work orders and counter sales. At this screen our users are able to mark up their parts based on customer groups, facilities, product groups, and even by cost range. For more information on how to use each markup

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