Can Username Features & Access Be Controlled?

Posted by BrightOrder at 16 Nov 2011

Some shops have multiple employees using a system and may wish to customize system access. With EMDECS, management can control the system access of each username. Some of the items that can be restricted and controlled include: User defaults Short-cut buttons Menu items & screens Visibility of facilities, customers, etc.

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Repair Shop Software: Financial Reports

Posted by BrightOrder at 10 Nov 2011

Our users of the system have a variety of financial reports at their disposal to help them track their AR for their customers . The first report they could use is the Customer Close To Credit Limit Report. This report is helpful in determining if a customer is close or over their credit limit. With

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Repair Shop Software: Customer PO Options

Posted by BrightOrder at 07 Nov 2011

In the system, our users have several options available when it comes to customer PO numbers. If our users have customers that reuse PO numbers, then these PO numbers can then be defaulted in the program for specific date ranges. Also, the system can prompt the service writers when PO numbers are required. For more

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