Reusing Invoice Numbers

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Jun 2012

For those shops that generate customer work order invoices, there is an option to keep the invoice number when re-invoicing. If you make a mistake and need to delete the invoice and re-invoice again, the invoice number will remain the same with this feature turned on. Contact the Perfit team to take advantage of this

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Counter Sale Ship To Address

Posted by BrightOrder at 08 Jun 2012

There is a separate Ship To address that can be indicated on any Counter Sale order.  This address will display on the Counter Sale invoice.  This helps separate the actual location the parts are getting delivered to, compared to the customer’s billing address. Contact Perfit Support for more information.

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Web Browser Compatibility

Posted by BrightOrder at 01 Jun 2012

The new Java update for the system has opened new possibilities.  One of the added benefits of using Java is that the system is now compatible with other web browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome. For more information about web browser compatibility please contact Perfit Support.

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