Improving Productivity Using Service Programs

Posted by BrightOrder at 31 Aug 2012

Service writers using the Retail Work Order screen can improve their efficiency creating repeatable work orders by using service programs. Service programs contain pre-defined work order labor and part details that can be imported into a new work order. With a single click of a button, the service writer can include all of the activities

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Tire Size on Customer Proof

Posted by BrightOrder at 23 Aug 2012

We have added tire size to the Work Order Proof print out from the Work Order screen. (Tire size information can be added on the Equipment Detail screen.)  

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Tender Module

Posted by BrightOrder at 13 Aug 2012

You can track how customers pay you and reconcile with your financial program. This is a great way to ensure that customer payments are being properly recorded and collected. Different tender types from cash, debits and credit cards can be setup and customized based on your needs. Contact Perfit Support for more information.

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