User Defined Roles

Posted by BrightOrder at 19 Dec 2012

This system has many useful functionalities and it may be necessary to restrict access for some users. Roles can be defined in order to limit control to sensitive areas of the system. Create a role that has limited access and assign users to it. Those users will be restricted to only the areas of the

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One Click Web Meeting Support

Posted by BrightOrder at 12 Dec 2012

We believe in providing the best support possible for our customers. A crucial part of our customer support is our web conferencing service. This allows us to view and control external computer desktops to help us assist our customers. When talking to Support, we may prompt you to join a web meeting. The link to

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Service Writer Tracking

Posted by BrightOrder at 11 Dec 2012

  Here is a great method to help track the open work orders by service writer. Add each service writer as a WO Status (Admin> Service Repair Codes> Work Order Status). Then, use the Status field on the work order to attach the service writer’s name.   Open work orders can be easily filtered by

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