Add UPC Codes to Item Records

Posted by BrightOrder at 31 Jan 2013

Did you know that you can link product UPC codes to Item Master records? This can save you having to print labels. Click Setup UPC and just scan the bar code from the part or part packaging into the pop-up and enter a Quantity (usually 1). Now when you use a part during maintenance that

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Generate a List of Customer Invoices for Reprint

Posted by BrightOrder at 28 Jan 2013

Do your customers ever ask you to re-print a list of invoices for them?  This can be done by going to Repairs> Prepare Invoice> Update Invoice with the Customer PO Number. This screen allows you to generate a list invoices by customer or date and select which invoices to print – A useful tool for

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Tracking Idle Parts in Your Inventory

Posted by BrightOrder at 23 Jan 2013

To help maintain a lean inventory, Part Managers can generate a report from the Generate Returns screen (Inventory> Just In Time Purchasing (JIT)> Generate Returns) to get a list of parts that have been sitting idle in inventory. Select a Warehouse, Supplier and product groups then indicate a number of items sold and a time

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