Toggle Between Screens Easily

Posted by BrightOrder at 28 Feb 2013

Do you ever find yourself lost with too many windows open at once? Well I’ve got a great tip to help you navigate through that. Use the Window menu to help easily toggle between open screens. This can save time from having to find screens through minimizing and restoring.

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Multiple Invoice Copies

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Feb 2013

Did you know that EMDECS allows you to produce multiple customer invoice copies with unique headings? This can be an efficient way to print internal copies of invoices that you give to customers. Go to Admin> Corporate Profile> Update Corporate Information and click Invoice Set Up. Add a new heading and a print sequence for

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Keep in Touch with Support

Posted by BrightOrder at 22 Feb 2013

EMDECS is a full-function maintenance management system with many components and modules that allow for incredible flexibility. Repair and fleet shops are able to utilize the system’s capabilities in different ways to fulfill specific business needs. This may involve an understanding of system options that will allow you to get what you need. Support representatives

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