Recording PM External PM Services

Posted by BrightOrder at 27 Mar 2013

To record PM services from other shops, select either the External PM button on the Equipment Detail screen (Repairs> Customer Equipment> Equipment Detail) or navigate to Repairs> Customer Equipment> External Maintenance Date. Select the customer (Belongs to) and the unit from the Equipment field. Enter the external service date in the Triggered By section and

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Golden State Fire

What Is the Difference Between a Physical Count and an Inventory Adjustment?

Posted by BrightOrder at 22 Mar 2013

For inventory, there are two methods for modifying the on-hand stock quantities – Physical Count and Inventory Adjustment. As the name implies, Physical Count is useful for updating a full warehouse count. This system allows you to generate inventory sheets that list the item codes, descriptions, locations, and even print labels. It is a feature

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Customer Part Price Lookup

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 Mar 2013

Here’s a good tip for finding out how much a part will cost a customer setup in your system with a price contract. Open the Counter Sale / Quote screen (Inventory> Counter Sales> Counter Sale / Quote). Select the customer in question and enter the part. The customer’s price for the part will be calculated

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