Talk to Us About Equipment Maintenance

Posted by BrightOrder at 28 Jun 2013

You know trucks and heavy equipment, but you might not know all about maintenance software and how it helps keep equipment in the best condition possible while maintaining business efficiency and cost controls. Take the time to talk to software experts – talk about your maintenance needs. You might be surprised to learn the many ways EMDECS

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Estimate Hours vs Actual Hours Report

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Jun 2013

To help with time efficiency assessments in your shop, EMDECS provides an Estimate Hours vs Actual Hours report. Navigate to Reports> Repair Services> WO Estimate Hours vs Actual.     Select a date range and generate the report. The results will be grouped automatically by employee number. Another helpful tip from your Support team.

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Flooding Affecting Trucking

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Jun 2013

The recent devastation from flooding in Calgary and other communities in Alberta has an affect, as major weather related concerns do, on trucking in the area. Police, rescue and clean-up crews wage an almost insurmountable effort to assess safety and regain control of the communities from the water, but with Calgary’s downtown area being closed

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