Internal Work Order Tip

Posted by BrightOrder at 30 Sep 2013

Although EMDECS has been designed to track work activities by VMRS codes, non-repair related work can also be tracked. For idle time, or shop clean-up duties, consider logging duties on a work order that is kept open for a month. At the end of the month, a supervisor can review the duties logged and use

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Catching Up with Technology

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 Sep 2013

Software capabilities today have generally progressed much further than a lot of us realize. A system like EMDECS will perform many functions that people might not of have considered – until they have a need, and wonder “Can the system . . . [fill in your need]”. Happily for many, it turns out that EMDECS

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Receiving Without an Invoice

Posted by BrightOrder at 19 Sep 2013

If you are receiving parts with only a packing slip and an invoice that will arrive later, the parts can still be received into EMDECS and the invoice information updated at another time. Receive the parts using the Quick Receiving screen if there’s been no PO, Inventory> Inventory Receiving> Quick Receiving, or use Inventory> Inventory Receiving> Inventory Receiving, if

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