Software for Cost Saving

Posted by BrightOrder at 31 Oct 2013

Trends in truck and trailer news continue to center around cost saving concerns. The tipping point is past the need for shops to use software to help organize and control costs. The two most obvious gains with using software to manage shop activity are inventory control – using system tools to help avoid unnecessary part

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Does EMDECS Have a Heavy-Duty Equipment Focus?

Posted by BrightOrder at 30 Oct 2013

Heavy-duty truck and trailer maintenance is a largely hands-on industry, where the work and expertise is rightfully centered around mechanical experience and agility. The software component has emerged and evolved as an essential tool to organize shop activities and provide a professional bridge between the shop and customer-facing features (invoices and maintenance history look-up), as

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Customer Experience Screencasts

Posted by BrightOrder at 29 Oct 2013

It is always our intention and goal to provide the best possible customer service experience to EMDECS users. To do this, we must constantly assess and expand on the communication tools available to end users. Concerns are more efficiently dealt with if all involved fully understand what is being described. Sometimes, a phone call or

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