Importing Data into EMDECS

Posted by BrightOrder at 28 Nov 2013

Most notably when setting up a new Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) system into a business, it can be extremely beneficial and time saving to import data into the system. This will typically consist of customer and vendor lists, equipment records and inventory parts. An import can also be useful for established system users when

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Sublet Work Breakdown

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Nov 2013

A recent article in Transport Topics titled “Fleets Outsource Major Maintenance Work to Reduce Tool, In-House Labor Expenses“ provides an interesting breakdown of how much maintenance work fleets typically send out these days to reduce in-house costs. 76% in-house 11% at dealership 8% at independent garage (sublet) 3% at leasing company As outlined in a

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Part Reordering Review

Posted by BrightOrder at 22 Nov 2013

In an attempt to help shops maintain control of inventory levels and overhead analysis, EMDECS has features and options such as creating POs based on recent parts usage or pre-determined min/max levels. Some of these features were introduced in the article “Part Reordering Options“ – have a look to see if the ideas offered make

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