Can Multiple Sublets for a Single Unit Be Tracked?

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 Dec 2013

EMDECS of course has the ability to track sublets, or work performed outside of your shop, on a work order that can also include work performed in your shop. If you need the ability to track multiple sublets for a single piece of equipment, that can be setup as well. Tracking multiple sublets on a single

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Maintaining Future Technology

Posted by BrightOrder at 19 Dec 2013

There are articles available in the public sphere these days about the possibility of driverless vehicles and delivery drones. It appears that the earliest adaptations of this future tech will be in the transportation and delivery industries, which means new skills will be necessary and maintenance schedules for whatever form the new tech will eventually

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Month End Closing Controls

Posted by BrightOrder at 18 Dec 2013

Let’s stay on the subject of accounting – there’s a lot to learn about EMDECS accounting controls. Now, regarding month end closing, did you know that you can close off certain types of transactions rather than just closing the entire month all at once? Navigate to Financial> Month End> Close Month-End Control.     Always

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