Does EMDECS Support Repair Order Time Scanning?

Posted by BrightOrder at 27 Mar 2014

EMDECS allows for the use of bar code scanning to track technician activity on work orders and to build time sheets. A scanner is a great tool for increasing efficiency and reducing after-the-fact entry – which can save time and money. A hand-held scanner is a relatively low cost but extremely useful implement and aid

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What are the Benefits of a System on the ‘Cloud’?

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Mar 2014

Let us host the system for you – that’s essentially what ‘the cloud’ offers – a system that you don’t have to install or maintain, you just ‘access’ it. In order to free heavy-duty equipment fleets and repair shops from having to invest in servers, networks and expensive IT to manage and maintain a system,

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Why Does EMDECS Have a Report Queue?

Posted by BrightOrder at 24 Mar 2014

The Report Queue in EMDECS provides 2 main benefits: 1 – Generating certain reports can take some time and involve a lot of system resources. If a report is taking more than a few seconds to generate, you will receive a message on the screen indicating that the report is being sent to the report

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