Professional Customer Invoice

Posted by BrightOrder at 29 May 2014

As technology becomes more common and affordable, smaller organizations are eventually able to take advantage of tools that had previously only been available to larger corporations. For heavy duty equipment repair shops, gaining access to technology means that a broader range of maintenance jobs can be taken on as shop equipment is acquired. Investments in software

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Fuel Tracking Data

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 May 2014

Does your fuel tracking software export information? If it does, there’s a good chance that EMDECS can import that data. If this is done, equipment cost analysis can be reviewed in one place. Looking at service costs and fuel costs will provide a more complete picture of equipment value and depreciation. Contact EMDECS Sales anytime

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Increasing Delivery Demands on Aging Equipment

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 May 2014

Economic conditions continue to rebound and so do demands for new equipment and equipment technologies. While all of this is happening, consumerism continues towards more of an online trend, creating amazing opportunities for new and smaller organizations to build a business. With so much being purchased online, there is a subsequent increase in the need for

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