Truck and Trailer Maintenance Tracking Made Easy

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Jun 2014

We’ve recently been installing some of the latest EMDECS heavy-duty equipment maintenance tracking applications and screens in repair shops with overwhelmingly positive results. The amount of design thinking invested into the real-life process flows followed by our latest updates is creating efficiencies in customer shops even beyond our planning. A very recent example involved a

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What Basic Inventory Features Exist in EMDECS?

Posted by BrightOrder at 16 Jun 2014

EMDECS makes available the ability to easily perform: Physical counts Inventory adjustments Part transfers from one warehouse to another (perhaps a mobile repair unit) Purchase orders that will receive parts directly into inventory . . . along with screens and reports for tracking the movement and acquisition of parts for auditing and value assessment purposes.

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Check Your Chassis!

Posted by BrightOrder at 11 Jun 2014

A recent article in Transport Topics magazine discusses the wear and tear on chassis used in international shipping off-loading. The rules regarding supplied chassis is currently in flux, but the point of the discussion is that the chassis are not being properly inspected and maintained and operators using the equipment in good faith are feeling

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