System Requirements for EMDECS

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 Aug 2014

EMDECS is ‘cloud’ software, meaning there is no installation process to prepare for or discs to acquire. All that is required is a broadband internet connection, a modern computer with Java installed (easily done for free here: and a popular web browser. A broadband internet connection must be able to download at a rate of

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Posted by BrightOrder at 19 Aug 2014

As EMDECS is designed as a full service maintenance management system meant to bring organization and efficiency to heavy-duty truck and trailer repair, Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) are the obvious way to code labor activity. Standard activity coding is the epitome of organization. It allows for straight-forward and understandable data analysis without fear of

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About Perfit & EMDECS

Posted by BrightOrder at 18 Aug 2014

Perfit Computer Systems Group was started in 1996 in the Toronto area to develop, manage and support a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) system for the heavy-duty truck and trailer maintenance industry. EMDECS (Enterprise Management DECision Support), as the breakdown of it’s name reveals, was conceived as an enterprise software solution – meaning that it

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