Can Sales Rep Involvement Be Tracked?

Posted by BrightOrder at 28 Jan 2015

The Counter Sales screens in EMDECS certainly can indicate who the sales person involved with a transaction is – this could be valuable information for a business. Shops might offer sales commissions or incentives and need to know who’s been involved with each transaction. Another important point to keep in mind is that customers often develop a strong

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Can Counter Sale Parts Be Returned?

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Jan 2015

Yes – a Counter Sale Return screen allows items to be returned by a customer and processed against the original sale invoice. This allows for proper calculation of the cost to be returned to the customer, as well as returning the items in good condition back into inventory within the system.

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Can Tech Productivity Be Reported?

Posted by BrightOrder at 23 Jan 2015

As long as a shop has work benchmarks setup in EMDECS, there are reports available, Employee Hours Profit & Loss (1st generation EMDECS), Employee Time Sheet (2nd generation EMDECS) to compare the shop as a whole, or an individual’s performance against those benchmarks. The true value of this of course is to help identify the areas

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