Does EMDECS Recognize Stock Room Locations?

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Feb 2015

Yes! A tidy and organized stock room is an efficient stock room. EMDECS recognizes room, row, shelf and bin when setting up a part location. This has the obvious advantage of indicating where to quickly find parts when working on a repair, as well as where in the parts room to place new stock that is

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Can Price Tapes Be Imported?

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Feb 2015

Yes, it is possible for EMDECS to read a periodic price tape feed to keep part costs in your system up to date with a supplier who publishes a price list. Some development work might be required to have EMDECS accept a specific price tape. When talking to an EMDECS representative or a member of

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Attracting Drivers with Truck Fleet Maintenance Software

Posted by BrightOrder at 24 Feb 2015

Much is written about driver employee shortages in the trucking industry. Now certainly, the physical realities of the position will keep some folks away – a lot of sitting – a difficult (compared to a car) vehicle to navigate through city centers – backing up to loading platforms, etc. Safety for some is a concern,

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