Use Fleet Maintenance Software to Improve Safety of your Fleet

Posted by BrightOrder at 30 Jan 2016

With a contribution of around $17 billion to the Canadian GDP, the importance of the trucking industry cannot be overstated. Trucks have become an integral part of the Canadian and American economy, hauling everything from lumber to food every day. Despite its contribution, this multi-billion dollar industry also measures high on a not-so-enviable scale; the

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4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Fleet Operating Costs

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Jan 2016

Whether you manage 3 company cars or a fleet of 300 trucks, fleet management presents a complex set of logistical challenges. Yet, every day, fleet managers are tasked with keeping their fleets running and delivering goods and services to customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With customers’ expectations (and fuel prices) increasing each year,

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