How Onboard Technolgy Can Enhance Long Hauls

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Apr 2016

On the 6th of April, a fleet of trucks arrived in Rotterdam’s port; the first “self -driving” trucks to travel across borders. These platoons were made up of semi-automated vehicles, with the driver on board only responsible for steering the vehicle, not for accelerating or braking. Traveling from Germany, Sweden, and Belgium, the convoys arrived

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What Sort of ROI can You Expect from Telematics

Posted by BrightOrder at 17 Apr 2016

Telematics systems are widely known for their use in tracking drivers, vehicles and other equipment. The systems can be configured to alert on everything from vehicle idle time to if the driver is using their seat belt. But is that all they are good for? Only a few years ago fleet management systems were the

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7 Reasons Why the Transport Industry should Invest in Fleet Management

Posted by BrightOrder at 13 Apr 2016

What do construction, the legal industry, mortgage banking have in common with the trucking industry? All four industries are notorious for being slow adopters of technology. Lawyers are generally known for being risk-averse, and often claim not to see a need to replace any process that still works. They avoid automation even if the process

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