5 Reasons Why Regular Heavy Duty Truck Maintenance Is Critical

Posted by BrightOrder at 29 Aug 2016

To ensure maximum vehicle reliability, longevity, and passenger safety, fleet managers must make maintenance an essential part of their operations. At its core, preventive maintenance (PM) consists of scheduled servicing, vehicle inspections, and repairs to help maximize vehicle availability. Used proactively, preventive maintenance has been proven to help reduce vehicle breakdowns. Yet despite knowing these

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Braking Systems Explained – Big Trucks Big Brakes

Posted by BrightOrder at 25 Aug 2016

Few scenarios scare truck drivers more than having to swerve while driving. A hard swerve is often followed by a tilt (especially on loaded trucks). The resulting imbalance often leads to the vehicle rolling over. Rollover accidents are often fatal; they are estimated to be responsible for up to 58% of truck driver deaths every

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5 Reasons Your Fleet Needs a Modern Truck Maintenance Program

Posted by BrightOrder at 17 Aug 2016

Let’s face it; even the best-run businesses struggle. And fleet management is no different, as managers have to deal with finding and retaining drivers, maintaining safety, curbing expenditure while maximizing productivity. Add trying to keep up with vehicle maintenance (the third costliest fleet-related expense), and you’ve got quite a dilemma. Yet, there is an ‘easy’

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