Regular Maintenance Makes All The Difference To Fleet Operations

Posted by BrightOrder at 15 Oct 2016

Popularized by the Toyota corporation in 1948, the Kaizen principle is rooted in improvement, whether it’s one-time or continuous. With ever-increasing global competition, few businesses can thrive without a degree of constant improvement. But how does one improve if they’re not measuring in the first place? In fleet management, data collection can help managers unearth

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5 Fleet Benefits With Accurate Fuel Tracking

Posted by BrightOrder at 02 Oct 2016

Can you tell if that driver is really on the I-35? Regardless of industry, managers know how difficult it is to track employee productivity. For fleets, it’s even harder when your employees and vehicles are out of sight. Whether it’s false reporting or using company assets for their own business, drivers are a constant source

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