6 Safety Tips for Your Truck Fleet

Posted by BrightOrder at 07 Nov 2016

What do beer, sausages and Porta Potties have in common? And no, I’m not talking about things you can find at an Oktoberfest celebration. Hard to believe but these (and more) are some of the materials that have been spilled in truck crashes on North American highways in the past year. However as funny as

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How To Implement A Maintenance Plan For Heavy Machinery

Posted by BrightOrder at 01 Nov 2016

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, reported that the high cost of new heavy machinery is forcing more users to rent or enter longer-term leases. For fleets that can’t afford to extend their lease further, they focus on better vehicle maintenance. With a new bulldozer costing $500,000 and an excavator costing $300,000, heavy

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