Preventative Maintenance And Regular Inspections – Critical For Your Business

Posted by BrightOrder at 19 Dec 2016

It’s estimated that 70% of all freight in the United States is transported by trucks of some kind. And with 3.5 million truck drivers traveling an estimated 430 billion miles a year, it’s no wonder there is an ever-increasing demand to get logistics and transport just right. To do this, the average fleet manager will

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EMDECS For Your Shop – How The Complete Software Solution Can Work For You

Posted by BrightOrder at 07 Dec 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard of Google’s self-driving car and Tesla’s autopilot system. But have you met Otto? Otto is Uber’s (yes, that Uber) venture into the self-driving truck space. Their first truck has already had a successful test; in late October, a trailer full of Budweiser beer transported

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How To Determine The Right Fleet Software For Your Trucks

Posted by BrightOrder at 03 Dec 2016

Like many businesses, the primary concern of fleet managers is keeping costs low. With increasing cost of fuel, tires and insurance, managers are constantly trying to stay in the black and keep the transportation sector moving. To increase efficiency of their vehicles and gain competitive advantage, fleets work on optimizing their business processes. Some of

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