Why You Need to Be Concerned about Preventative Maintenance

Posted by BrightOrder at 31 Jan 2017

Have you heard the good news? An Automotive Fleet survey reports that fleet maintenance costs have remained stable over the past year. In its 25th annual operating cost survey, it compiled data from 6 firms, including ARI, Wheels and EMKAY. The findings came from a comprehensive survey based on the analysis of operating costs incurred

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VMRS Code Dynamics – How Understanding Code Key 18 Can Save You Money in 2017

Posted by BrightOrder at 26 Jan 2017

What’s the difference between Code Key 2 and Code Key 14? Code Key 31 and Code Key 33? What does the trifecta of Code Key 12, 13 & 78 mean to you? No, no, Skynet hasn’t taken over our blog. We’re talking about the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards Code Keys. In 1970, the American Trucking

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Your Driver Is The First Line Of Defense – Communication Is Vital

Posted by BrightOrder at 17 Jan 2017

Did you know that in most trucking cases, the truck driver is considered the defense witness as they “know” the most about what happened in the accident? And based on their observations, the driver is expected to provide crucial information regarding events leading up to the accident, the impact, and its aftermath. I don’t know

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