How To Improve Visibility In Fleet Operations

Posted by BrightOrder at 23 Mar 2017

Do you know the true cost of poor quality business data? For one, without accurate data, a business will keep making inefficient business decisions, leading to operational inefficiencies, excessive costs and compliance risks, to name a few. One analogy describes a company that doesn’t collect or analyze data as a warehouse without windows. One simply

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How VMRS can Help your Fleet and Why It Should be Implemented Today

Posted by BrightOrder at 18 Mar 2017

VMRS can help your fleet today! As a fleet manager, I bet you have ‘nightmares’ about hitting these targets: Extend truck lifespan. Reduce repair costs. Improve safety levels Maximize up-time. Carry out regular PM. These goals represent the golden ‘penta-fecta’ of fleet management. Ok, so we made up the word ‘penta-fecta’, but these five still

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6 Tips For Organizing Preventative Maintenance

Posted by BrightOrder at 15 Mar 2017

Do you know how much of an impact an accident can have on your fleet? Consider this: a 2016 Automotive Fleet survey reported that 1 in 5 fleet vehicles are involved in a crash annually. In the event of a crash, some of the costs incurred include: cost of property damage involved. cost of reduced

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