Best Fleet Maintenance Software For 2017

Posted by BrightOrder at 14 Apr 2017

These days, more industries, from manufacturing to supply chain management, rely on at least one form of transportation infrastructure, to carry out their activities. As these industries grow, and become even more complex to serve, organizations have to adopt fleet management solutions as a way to improve operational efficiency, increase revenue, and gain a competitive

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How To Design An Excel Work Order Template

Posted by BrightOrder at 07 Apr 2017

Many businesses today find themselves hampered by inefficient, difficult-to-use business processes. Market research firm IDC reports that companies can lose up to 30% in revenue per annum, due to inefficiencies. In your repair shop, do you have techs wasting hours looking for parts or duplicating effort? Do technicians waste time when trying to interpret the

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Why Smart Bay Scheduling Can Improve Internal Shop Operations

Posted by BrightOrder at 01 Apr 2017

The saying ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’, rings true, regardless of industry. But measuring business performance can be difficult. Business owners have to decide what metrics to focus on, what time period to examine, what activities yield the most profit etc. In the truck repair industry, whether you fix 10 vehicles

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