How To Maximize Use Of Software For Truck Maintenance

Posted by BrightOrder at 30 May 2017

With the official start of summer close only a few weeks away, many fleet vehicles are beginning to show the strain of having made it through winter storms and spring. On average, bad weather alone, results in damage that costs up to $15,000 to repair annually. Keeping vehicles in tip-top shape has a huge impact

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Does Fuel Tracking Reduce Fuel Theft?

Posted by BrightOrder at 23 May 2017

Ever heard of the 10-10-80 rule? It’s a rule used by fraud prevention experts that states “10% of employees will never steal, 10% will do so when the opportunity arises and 80% may or may not steal depending on the circumstances”. These circumstances include if they’re experiencing financial pressures or if they can rationalize the

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How Fleet Repair Software Helps You Manage Your Fleet

Posted by BrightOrder at 18 May 2017

Across different sectors of the transportation industry, operational costs have continued to grow in 2017. Along with steadily rising fuel prices, in April the FMCSA increased the fines for all federal trucking regulations. As a result, profit margins continue to stay thin for most fleets. To retain more dollars & gain competitive advantage, fleets must

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