Latest Updates in Automated Trucking

Posted by BrightOrder at 20 Jul 2017

It seems in the past decade we’ve been swamped with the concept of autonomous vehicles. From Ford to Volvo, most vehicle manufacturers have at least one planned for production. And it’s not just consumer vehicles, big truck manufacturers are working on technology to make their rigs autonomous. Yes, autonomous, not just automated. The idea of

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These Tricks will help you Manage your Trailer Costs Better

Posted by BrightOrder at 11 Jul 2017

When debating fleet management, many fleet managers believe it’s never an accurate reflection of the daily juggling act that’s successful fleet management. Broadly speaking, fleet management is  made up of five elements: Managing the cost of operations Timely vehicle maintenance Driver management Maintaining operational efficiency Vehicle safety & compliance While it’s critical to get it

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How To Choose A Great Truck Repair Shop

Posted by BrightOrder at 05 Jul 2017

Selecting a service facility for your truck is in two distinct stages: finding one then vetting and choosing one. Expensive. Inconvenient. Two words that sum up truck breakdowns. Words that no fleet manager ever wants to think of in relation to their fleet vehicles. To avoid this, many fleet operators choose to buy only new

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