Fleet trucks over the bridge.

The (Neuro)science Behind Driving A Big Rig

Posted by BrightOrder at 24 Aug 2017

Science and driving. Scientists and big truck drivers. Would you believe me if I told you they have more in common than you’d think? For one, many outside these professions believe they’re a bunch of know-it-alls. But do they really know it all? Looking at scientists, did you know despite working for the past 250

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Big Heavy Fleet

How To Deal with an Overweight Truck

Posted by BrightOrder at 16 Aug 2017

It’s human nature to aspire for greatness; isn’t that the entire premise of the Guinness Book of World Records? But there are some records that you just don’t want to be associated with. Like the trucking firm that was fined a record $57,000 in July 2017. For a traffic ticket!!! The fine was issued for

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Why You Need to Keep in Good with Your Load Planner

Posted by BrightOrder at 10 Aug 2017

Successfully moving freight across the country is perceived as the truck driver’s domain. But the truck driver’s job is only made possible by a huge team effort which requires input from: a sales rep to locate available freight, a customer service representative that takes the order, load planners who assign trucks to transport cargo, dispatchers

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