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BrightOrder inc.

BrightOrder Inc. is a innovating the development of fleet maintenance software and on premise/Cloud TMS consulting services. BrightOrder operations include clients and partners around the world, and we maintain offices in Canada, the United States, the UK and Asia.

BrightOrder currently hosts more than 1.5 million vehicles on its cloud based platform. The company possesses a wide range of fleet maintenance and technical capabilities,

BrightOrder helps large operators improve their fleet operations, delivering considerable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness throughout their businesses. The company uses a powerful maintenance backbone that supports service excellence and enables the streamlining and automation of repair operations for fleet maintenance and service centers.


” From the systems and technology that propel supply chains and global logistics, to the people that support the transport of goods, to the delivery of products to a consumer’s doorstep, we bring together all the moving parts of your enterprise. “

The Evolution of BrightOrder Inc.

Bright Order Inc. has been developing advanced software for fleet maintenance, repair shops and rental companies since 1996. Our vision is to make the lives of our customers easier while increasing their profit margins. The company’s EMDECS software is simple to use and easy to train staff on.  Our intuitive UX is designed for technicians to allow navigation to the screens you need in as few clicks as possible.  The BrightOrder CX team supports our customers’ businesses whenever they need us. We’re always adapting our software to keep pace with the truck and trailer sector, and form close ties with each of our customers to make sure our software is always doing what they need it to.

Perfit Computer Systems group has been developing leading edge software for fleet maintenance, repair shops and rental companies for over 20 years.

A world leader in supply chain and logistics consulting, Mavenwire combines its strong expertise in a wide variety of industries with its proven methods, to develop proven solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Perfit Computer Systems acquired the company Mavenwire in March 2016. Since then our company has re-branded and become BrightOrder Inc. We now pair best-in-class fleet maintenance software with customized consulting and hosting to help transportation industry businesses become more efficient and effective.



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