Fleet Maintenance Solution

EMDECS, Our Fleet Maintenance Software

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is a huge cost center for any business. Reduce these costs with EMDECS by tracking cores and warranties, ensuring PM work is done on time, and even tracking which makes and models cost the most money.

Take the guesswork out of controlling your fleet maintenance costs with EMDECS.

Main Features:
  •   PM Scheduling and Repair Work

  •   Inventory and Warranty-Tracking

  •   Rental & Leasing Management

  •   VMRS codes for Heavy-Duty Equipment

  •   Mobile Repair Order (RO)

  •   Repair Order and Time Tracking

  •   Warranty & Core Management

  •   Reporting for Fleet Managers

  •   Inventory Control

  •   Preventative Maintenance (PM) Tracking

  •   Instantly See Profit & Loss

EMDECS has been battle tested by over 1,700 companies globally, while managing over 1.5 million active units.

Feature-Rich Fleet Maintenance Software

Our feature-rich fleet maintenance software tracks everything that’s happening with your fleet, shop, and your inventory.

Get the reports you need with one click. EMDECS Fleet Maintenance software has everything you need to recover costs and get your vehicles back on the road more quickly.

The ability to drill down is a great time-saver for busy fleet managers.



EMDECS: Fleet Maintenance Software That Simplifies Processes & Reduces Costs


PM Scheduling and Repair Work

EMDECS keeps vital preventative maintenance work organized and stress-free. If repair work is deferred from a previous work order, it’s automatically added to any work order created for that vehicle in the future, ensuring that important repairs don’t slip through the cracks.

Inventory and Warranty Tracking

EMDECS provides tools for tracking inventory levels and makes ordering and re-ordering easy. It tracks core parts and lets you know when parts warranties are due to expire, so you can see if they need replacing before they’re out of warranty. It also suggests what inventory needs to be replenished based on usage tracking. Manage inventories and operations for multiple locations with EMDECS.

VMRS Based Coding for Heavy Duty Industry

EMDECS uses VMRS codes, an industry-wide standard from the American Trucking Association, for job identification, making our software ideal for fleet management of heavy trucks and trailers. VMRS codes are easy for your technicians to recognize and enter quickly on repair orders.

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