Inventory, Parts and Warranty

Inventory, Parts and Warranty - EMDECS by BrightOrder

Managing inventory cost is key to profitability. EMDECS will help you manage inventory levels so that you have the parts you need when you need them without excess inventory stock. Understanding parts on hand will help you to schedule repairs and optimize technician utilization. Tracking of asset and part level warranties will ensure that you leverage reimbursement opportunities.

Industry Challenges:
  • Leveraging asset and part level warranties
  • Core tracking
  • Inventory control
EMDECS Solutions:
  • Warranty information by vehicle and part
  • Core replacement value is tracked
  • Maintains inventory data and triggers replenishment
EMDECS Features:
  • Warranty tracking
  • Real time inventory control
  • Purchasing
EMDECS Benefits:
  • Unit, asset, part level assignments
  • Consignment, categories, physicals
  • Restocking, parts, taxes, fees and supplies
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