Repair Shop Solution

EMDECS, Our Repair Shop Maintenance Software

There’s one thing truck and trailer repair professionals can all agree on- if you don’t have laser focus on your expenses in your shop, your gross profits can get eaten up quickly. EMDECS helps you run your shop more efficiently, reduce the incidents of re-work and manage your warranty parts.

Most importantly, it gives you valuable reports that show profits on each job, part and service in your shop, helping you identify instantly when supplier price creep is setting in and find money where you couldn’t before. If you have a multi-location franchise, EMDECS can handle them all, acting as a central dashboard for information on what’s going on in all of your shops.


EMDECS keeps your shop profitable by making every operation transparent. Instantly see profits on each job, part and service in easy-to-generate reports. Repair orders are simple for your technicians to fill our in real time. See everything that’s going on in your shop with EMDECS.

EMDECS Features

For the Shop Floor

  •   Real-Time Repair Order Building

  •   Warranty Tracking

  •   Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS)

  •   PM Scheduling

  •   Recovers External Maintenance Costs

  •   Real-Time Inventory Tracking

  •   Integrated Inspection Forms

  •   Designed with Shops & Technicians in Mind

  •   Embedded MOTOR’s Standard Repair Times (SRT)

For the Office Team

  •   Fully Integrated Accounting

  •   Invoice Exporting (Quickbooks)

  •   Employee Time Tracking

  •   Real time inventory costing

  •   Multi Location Management

  •   Report Scheduling

  •   Rental & Leasing Management

Everything You Need to Run Your Repair Shop!

Repair Orders

When a customer comes in or contacts you, you can create and print an estimate, generate a technician repair, provide a customer proof and create an invoice – all from the Repair Order screen. You’ll also get instant notifications if a customer is over their credit limit prior to starting the job, PMs that are due, service reminders from deferred work or campaigns, warranty work and rework detection.

You can also see if the parts you need are in-shop or at another location within the Repair Order. If they aren’t, you can launch a Special Order right from the screen.

  •   Quickly search open repair orders by status.

  •   Track progress of job from estimate to invoice.

  •   Instantly generate a pick list for parts for the job.

  •   Review gross profits on each job instantly with owner security level.

  •   Create “Service Programs” for standard repair times, recommended parts and checklists.

  •   Issue parts to a set location on the vehicle for warranty purposes.

  •   Barcodes on the RO for each activity for easy scanning by technicians.

  •   Monitor elapsed technician times compared to estimate time.

Counter Sales

Many of our repair shop clients sell parts to customers. The markup on parts sold over the counter may be different than parts sold with repairs.

Customers also like to negotiate on pricing at the counter, so we’ve given your counter sales people the tools they need to do this on the fly.

  •   Create Special Orders instantly, and track purchase order status.

  •   Set different pricing levels by customer type and location.

  •   Check stock on hand at all warehouses and locations.

  •   Create estimates and instantly convert them to invoices.

  •   Track sales reps for commission purposes.

  •   Possible integration with your customer ordering-shopping cart website.

  •   Monitor elapsed technician times compared to estimate time.

Time Tracking

Our time tracking module lets you see which technicians in your shop are most productive, allowing you to implement reward programs for efficiency. You can see when a job is approaching or over the estimate limit, so you can jump in and see if more needs to be added to the job-in-progress.

Technicians scan in each job on the repair order as they complete it, giving you up-to-the minute status if a customer needs to know.

  •   Easy barcode scanning or clicking the iPad icon to start the timer.

  •   Idle time for meetings, training and clean-up.

  •   Generate reports to check technician efficiency, amount of idle time per month, profitability, and more.

  •   Print and sign time cards for audit purposes.

Contract Pricing

Set up customer contract pricing for labour, parts, shop supplies and service programs.

Benefits include having EMDECS auto-generate the right price at the right time, flexibility to maximize mark-ups and being able to:

  •   Set service rates by facility and unit groups.

  •   Set customer-specific parts mark-up based on cost range of parts, specific part groups, and more.

  •   Set up shop charges as a percentage of your labour, parts, or both.

  •   Set up a maximum shop charge.

  •   Set up limited time promotional pricing.

  •   Unlimited pricing levels.

Inventory Control

You have parts flying in and out of your shop. They can eat up your margins quickly if you don’t have up to date cost information or can correctly identify them as warranty parts.

EMDECS provides you complete control over your stock, ordering, pricing and costs.

  •   Identify fast moving parts so you can keep them on hand.

  •   Identify slow moving parts so you can move them to ordering only on demand.

  •   Easily generate physical count sheets, or scan directly into a laptop.

  •   Check idle inventory for potential returns, and generate a credit PO.

  •   Print barcodes during receiving.

  •   Automatic reordering based on usage, Min/Max, just-in-time, 90-Day trend, and more.

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