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EMDECS provides value beyond trucking management software. Our comprehensive truck maintenance software helps you understand the point of failure so that you can schedule repairs improving vehicle up-time. Our truck fleet management software system can schedule the timing and location of repairs to reduce cost. EMDECS truck repair shop software automates all the activities across repair operations and locations, tracking history to improve future purchases as well as repair analytics.

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Service and Repair
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Inventory and Warranty
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Preventative Maintenance
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Finance and Reporting
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Customer and Driver Portal
EMDECS by BrightOrder
Service Board and Repair Orders
Whether you operate heavy duty vehicles, repair your own or external customer units, or have specialised on-road or off-road assets EMDECS will streamline all aspects of service and repairs. You can schedule and review the status of work orders, ensure technicians are focused on priority repairs, and monitor labour efficiency to manage costs.   Learn More ...

Inventory, Parts and Warranty
Managing inventory cost is key to profitability. EMDECS will help you manage inventory levels so that you have the parts you need when you need them without excess inventory stock. Understanding parts on hand will help you to schedule repairs and optimise technician utilisation. Tracking of asset and part level warranties will ensure that you leverage reimbursement opportunities.   Learn More ...

Preventative Maintenance and Repair History
Anticipating and scheduling servicing, inspections, and vehicle repair is essential to prevent potential problems and maximise vehicle availability. We can help you to proactively avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns based on scheduled repairs, mileage and engine hours. EMDECS also maintains a history of all repairs to support repair decisions and sale of used assets.   Learn More ...

Finance and Reporting
EMDECS has baseline information to help you analyse the efficiency of operations. Integrated Inspection Forms are part of the software. You can save technical notes images as part of the asset's record. Dashboards and reports help you monitor your business. EMDECS has indepth accounting capabilities or you can integrate our solution to another finance system.   Learn More ...

Customer and Driver Portal
EMDECS helps you provide secure information to your customers and drivers through portals. Drivers can receive notifications and review information through dashboards. Customers can use portals to review repair status and billing. Portals can also be used to collaborate across repair facilities supporting the assignment and approval of repairs across multiple locations.   Learn More ...

The EMDECS Difference

Repair Shops:
  • Drive profitability through streamlined management of all repairs
  • Schedule additional repairs along with priority repairs
  • Ensure preventative maintenance is timely
  • Leverage customer pricing and warranties
  • Manage inventory to contain costs
  • Invoicing and payment management
  • Improve customer communication
  • Integrate to finance and other systems
Vehicle Fleets:
  • Minimise costs and maximise vehicle operation
  • Coordinate repair types to minimise vehicle down-time
  • Manage all repair locations
  • Warranties for parts and labour
  • Manage inventory and replenishment
  • Track internal and external repairs
  • Manage billing to parent/divisions, payment for services
  • Integrate to finance and other systems
Migration and Onboarding Support
EMDECS is available as an SaaS Cloud subscription solution, providing value for a manageable monthly fee. Adoption is fast due to easy-to-use and rapid customer onboarding methodology. Integrations and tools support data import or creation of customer and inventory data. We have EMDECS support teams to help you through the onboarding phase.

Support Teams and Support Portal
EMDECS support teams are available to help you to get the most benefit from our fleet management software system. Our support portal gives you access to training videos, training sessions, self-help and more.

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