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Finance and Reporting - EMDECS by BrightOrder

EMDECS has baseline information to help you analyse the efficiency of operations. Integrated Inspection Forms are part of the software. You can save technical notes images as part of the asset's record. Dashboards and reports help you monitor your business. EMDECS has indepth accounting capabilities or you can integrate our solution to other finance systems.

Industry Challenges:
  • Managing customer pricing, labour rates and taxes
  • National account billing
  • Payments for services
  • Tracking subcontracted external repairs
  • Accounting functions to support repair work
EMDECS Solutions:
  • Customer and geographic pricing
  • Automates external communications
  • Generates billing and payments
  • Tracks all vehicle repair including external
  • Integrates to finance and other systems
EMDECS Features:
  • Standard Repair Times
  • Integrated inspection forms
  • Rental and leasing management
  • Dashboards and detailed reporting
  • Technician control
  • Accounting interfaces
  • Invoicing and pricing tables
  • Standard APIs
EMDECS Benefits:
  • Labour efficiency and billing accuracy
  • Checklists, images and technical input
  • Control of assets, contracts and invoicing
  • Interactive displays and auto scheduling
  • Workstations, mobile repairs, labour tracking
  • QuickBooks, Sage and others
  • Parts, labour, taxes and surcharges
  • Integrations and interfaces to other systems
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