Gateway to Excellence - EMDECS by BrightOrder
Gateway to Excellence - EMDECS by BrightOrder

EMDECS is proud to be certified under the DVSA Earned Recognition program. EMDECS now has a “Gateway to Excellence” portal which meets compliance standards set by DVSA establishing EMDECS among the premier fleet maintenance software providers. As part of this program the Gateway to Excellence will ensure that safety, compliance and key performance indicators (KPIs) are met helping operators attain and retain DVSA Earned Recognition accreditation whilst attracting the benefits of being a scheme member.

Gateway to Excellence - EMDECS by BrightOrder

The DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme requires operators to use an approved IT Supplier. EMDECS benefits include:
  • DVSA 28 day requirement for operator compliance data drives excellence over e.g. FORS’ annual audit
  • Vehicle off-road “VOR” exception can exclude assets (Validated) from DVSA reportable data
  • Competitor advantage when bidding on new Contracts
  • Discounted Insurance Premiums costs
  • Dedicated support and access to DVSA

Industry Challenges:
  • Downtime from lengthy roadside inspections
  • Lengthy onsite audits
  • FORS approval to operate on inner city contracts
  • Competitor differentiation
EMDECS Solutions:
  • Compliance results in fewer roadside inspections
  • Streamlined audit process
  • Strong accreditation with DVSA Earned Recognition
  • DVSA Earned Recognition approval and real-time KPI actionable data
  • Certified operators published on GOV.UK
EMDECS Features:
  • DVSA Earned Recognition EMDECS Gateway to Excellence
  • Vehicle Maintenance KPI data (M1 - M5) delivered systematically
  • Electronic Safety Inspection records
  • VOR reminders and deadlines
  • DVSA Earned Recognition Pre-application Health Check
EMDECS Benefits:
  • Real Time access to DVSA compliance status
  • Real time view of compliance status signaling corrective action
  • Complete detail of inspections and completion dates
  • Positions assets requiring exclusion from DVSA data
  • Increases DVSA Earned Recognition approval rate
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