Preventative Maintenance and Repair History

Preventative Maintenance and Repair History - EMDECS by BrightOrder

Anticipating and scheduling servicing, inspections, and vehicle repair is essential to prevent potential problems and maximise vehicle availability. We can help you to proactively avoid or reduce vehicle breakdowns based on scheduled repairs, mileage and engine hours. EMDECS also maintains a history of all repairs to support repair decisions and sale of used assets.

Industry Challenges:
  • Preventative maintenance and repair tracking
  • Maintaining records of repairs by vehicle
  • Anticipating repairs for all asset types
  • Reserving parts for preventative maintenance
EMDECS Solutions:
  • Anticipates preventative maintenance to coincide with repairs, reducing vehicle down time
  • Tracks all vehicle repair including external
  • Maintains a complete history of repairs
EMDECS Features:
  • Preventative maintenance
EMDECS Benefits:
  • Scheduling and notifications
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