Service Board and Repair Orders

Service Board and Repair Orders - EMDECS by BrightOrder

Whether you operate heavy duty vehicles, repair your own or external customer units, or have specialised on-road or off-road assets EMDECS will streamline all aspects of service and repairs. You can schedule and review the status of work orders, ensure technicians are focused on priority repairs, and monitor labour efficiency to manage costs.

Industry Challenges:
  • Difficulty tracking repair orders
  • Prioritising needed and optional repairs
  • Scheduling based on technicians and parts
  • Managing costs based on utilisation
  • Maximising vehicle up-time
EMDECS Solutions:
  • Schedules and tracks all repair activities
  • Prioritises maintenance and repairs
  • Anticipates technician and parts availability
  • Reduces costs, improves margins and profit
  • Balances repairs to maximise vehicle operations
EMDECS Features:
  • Real time repair order building
  • Outside vendor repairs
  • Vehicle maintenance reporting standards
  • Work in process
EMDECS Benefits:
  • Scheduling, monitor real time orders
  • Vendor access for direct input
  • Detailed repairs tracking, reporting
  • Track campaigns, pending repairs
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