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We can help you navigate rate loading, and both customer and vendor on-boarding tasks!

BrightOrder offers support services to help reduce the time, effort, and cost of operating your software instance. This goes beyond the necessary software support (i.e. bug-fix) that your Software Support contract provides. We will provide resources that will answer any questions users may have, directly resolve technical and functional issues, configure and test Software, and manage other related issues when necessary.

Companies that have completed an implementation of Oracle Transportation Management in the Cloud are looking for solutions to supplement their internal support teams. Through this implementation they are looking for a partner to assist with application support of OTM. The scope of our AMS offering is to cover the following areas of the OTM deployment.


OTM Deployment Areas:

  •   Incident Management aims to restore service as soon as possible. This covers functionality that is not working as required as well OTM related issues with 3rd party products. It is reactive in nature and is triggered by a client ticket request.

  •   Preventative Maintenance is pro-active. Aims to prevent incidents and increase user satisfaction.

  •   Requests for Service takes the place of a client in-house OTM expert or Super User. They are usually configuration questions or data loading requests.

  •   Transition Management supports our goal of a smooth transition from current operations into AMS. To that end it is important for our team to get familiar with your current solution and documentation.

This list can be extended if the scope of the project changes or the solution requirements evolve.

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