TMS Consulting Services

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Transportation Management Systems (TMS) CONSULTING

Our consulting services team has a proven track record implementing TMS solutions on time and on budget for our 65+ customers across the globe. Our team of logistics and transportation experts understands the impact a TMS can have on the business and we also understand how a TMS is used as a competitive advantage in today’s business world.

When implementing a new application or solution, experience matters. We believe in a team concept where we work with you as a partner rather than a supplier. We are here to serve as your trusted advisor and guide you through the process. We will be with you every step of the way and continue to support you after go live.

We will be at your side from the initial installation of the application, and will continue to assist after you have gone live.

Where necessary, we can also help you develop your integration to match your business processes. With our dedication and real-world experience, we will ensure that your project is completed on time and under budget.

Our supply chain consulting services allow you to effectively strategize, design, plan, execute, and monitor your global supply chain operations with ease. Whether you are merging with another entity, designing a new distribution network, or optimizing your fleet operations, rely on BrightOrder’s decades of experience to attain and exceed your goals.

How Do We Do This?

When implementing Oracle OTM/GTM solutions, we work with you as a partner rather than a supplier. We help transform your business and logistics processes to leverage a world class TMS by gaining ROI and improving human capital in the process. Our highly experienced team combines a global approach with specialized local domain expertise across 7 different countries.

Our consulting offers:

Oracle Cloud Implementation expertise – whether you’re considering a cloud migration or installing OTM or GTM for the first time.

  •   Unparalleled Experience with Oracle’s Transportation Management (OTM) Software.

  •   Long OTM History – many of our experts started their careers at G-Log (the original company that created the OTM platform).

  •   High Level Access – continued work with the current Oracle Development team on the future of OTM and GTM

  •   Clear Understanding – where the software has been and where it is going in the future.

  •   Efficient Logistics – order management, shipment optimization, visibility, and freight cost management.

  •   Deep Knowledge – implementing air, sea and truck operations to optimize your global supply chain.


  • Over 200 years of combined work experience working with Fleet Maintenance.

  •   Over 2,300 Fleet Maintenance accounts Worldwide.

Our Goals:

  •   Delivery of a solution that works for each customer’s business, focusing on business benefits while taking into account ongoing business and operational constraints.

  •   Understanding the best approach to achieve a successful implementation for each customer, including requirements analysis, solution design, solution delivery, change management, rollout, and support.

  •    Transition of knowledge and skills to the customer, thus paving the way forward for the customer to continue to maximize and build on the strengths of Fleet Maintenance as their business evolves.

  •   Project management focused on promptly achieving delivery within budget.

Our job is to take the chaos out of transportation, and bring to you
the BrightOrder of what it means to seamlessly operate your supply chain.

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