5 Ways to Prevent Fuel Theft

Posted by BrightOrder at 16 Dec 2017

As a resource that makes up over a third of a fleet’s operating costs, fuel theft has a direct effect on the bottom line Accounting for approximately 40% of the operating costs of fleets, the cost of fuel is huge for firms that rely on vehicles to provide products and services. To keep costs low,

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Fleet Management – How to Avoid The Risk Of Non-Compliance

Posted by BrightOrder at 06 Dec 2017

Our best tips for helping you become as compliant as possible, with the CSA BASICs Let’s talk about fines for a minute: in 2012, the San Bernardino County Superior Court fined a Ontario-based trucking company, $300,000. Last year, a California based trucking firm was docked for $523,675 by CARB. In 2015, the DOT handed out

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