Trip Planning

5 Features Your Next CB Radio Must Have

Posted by BrightOrder at 16 Dec 2017

These days, there always seems to be a new app or gadget you’re being told is a must-have for your business. In our blog post about choosing a GPS unit, readers may have been surprised to learn that we recommended truckers, old and new, keep an actual paper copy of an atlas. You’d think that

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Fleet Management – How to Avoid The Risk Of Non-Compliance

Posted by BrightOrder at 06 Dec 2017

Our best tips for helping you become as compliant as possible, with the CSA BASICs Let’s talk about fines for a minute: in 2012, the San Bernardino County Superior Court fined a Ontario-based trucking company, $300,000. Last year, a California based trucking firm was docked for $523,675 by CARB. In 2015, the DOT handed out

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How To Choose A GPS For Your Truck

Posted by BrightOrder at 02 Aug 2016

Whether you’re buying based on price or pedigree, nothing beats proper trip planning to keep customers satisfied. Is it just me or are road users facing more distractions daily? On the road criss-crossing the North American continent, it seems something is clamoring for your attention every minute. Whether it’s the gorgeous scenery, the CB radio,

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