Fleet Management – How to Avoid The Risk Of Non-Compliance

Posted by BrightOrder at 06 Dec 2017

Our best tips for helping you become as compliant as possible, with the CSA BASICs Let’s talk about fines for a minute: in 2012, the San Bernardino County Superior Court fined a Ontario-based trucking company, $300,000. Last year, a California based trucking firm was docked for $523,675 by CARB. In 2015, the DOT handed out

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Take A Look At Volvo’s Super Truck Concept Truck

Posted by BrightOrder at 02 Dec 2017

Should concept vehicles remain concepts or should they have a place in the industry? When you think of Volvo, sleek isn’t the very first thing that pops into your mind. Safe. Boring. Practical. Boxy. Even tank-like. Sure, these describe their cars…..from a few decades ago. These days, the stereotype falls flat on its face as

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How To Choose A Great Truck Repair Shop

Posted by BrightOrder at 05 Jul 2017

Selecting a service facility for your truck is in two distinct stages: finding one then vetting and choosing one. Expensive. Inconvenient. Two words that sum up truck breakdowns. Words that no fleet manager ever wants to think of in relation to their fleet vehicles. To avoid this, many fleet operators choose to buy only new

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